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I Know….I Know….Everyone has a story!

This one took over 25 years to write though so take a sip of your sweet tea or cocktail and please bare with me. I’m laying a bet that War and Peace took less time to put together so this better be a dandy one. It starts with a dad, a mom, and a little boy on vacation in sunny Saint Augustine driving over the Claude Varn bridge. C’mon be honest, how many times did you drive over that bridge? If I were a gambling man, I’m sure a betting that you did not know the name of that there bridge! Well anyway to get back to the story Dad says to Mom while driving over that bridge, “See that tackle shop under that there Claude Varn bridge?” See Dad’s quite an observant man and knew the name of that there bridge. Now Mom who didn’t even wear glasses way back then replies, “Yep.” One of the only times Mom ever replied with a one word answer and anyone who knows Mom can testify to that. Well anyway Dad says, “That would be a great place for a seafood restaurant and if I ever owned it I would name it the Matanzas Innlet Restaurant.” Dad thought it would be real cool to chuck two “n’s” in there and misspell it. He’s like that you know?

Well now we are gonna fast forward to 1988 when this same Mom, Dad, little boy now 3, and yet another baby boy on vacation going over that same Claude Varn bridge. Dad once again says to Mom, “ Hey Mom look that tackle shop is out of business and there is a for sale sign on it, let’s call them up and make an offer.” This time Mom just smacked Dad across the back of the head because they had just sold their restaurant up north and the last thing Mom wanted to do was to own another restaurant while raising her boys. Well as the story goes Dad snuck out of his hotel room (because way back then no one owned them there cell phones) and called that real estate man anyway. Dad made an offer on that restaurant but it was not meant to be because the bank who owned it by now refused the offer with a giggle thrown in.

Back to New York the four went and that was the end of Dad’s waterfront seafood restaurant under the Claude Varn bridge. An additional 2 years go by and sure enough there is now Dad, Mom, baby boy 1, baby boy 2, and a precious little baby girl who was just born. Now you ain’t gonna believe what happens next. The real estate man from Saint Augustine calls Dad and tells him that after 2 years and no buyers that the bank will take Dad’s offer for that there tackle shop under that there Claude Varn bridge. Well if you can fathom this, Dad bought that there tackle shop.

Dad calls his good friend who was the chef at his old restaurant in New York and they take the long drive south and fix up that there old tackle shop under the Claude Varne bridge. Now this is really the unbelievable part, after 25 YEARS they are all still here! So sit back and relax at this old restaurant under the Claude Varn bridge, that used to be a tackle shop under the Claude Varn bridge, and be aware that Dad, Mom, baby boy 1 (who is 31), Baby boy 2 (who is 27), precious baby girl (who is 25) and that very same chef from New York are all still here to serve your needs.War and Peace ain’t got nothing on this, HUH?